out of order

picture taken last year in arezzo...

please note that the shop will be closed from march 29 to april 3 (included).


blue clouds

i don't know what happened to me in january at the trade show but it seems i had more than just a mild obsession with cushions. now they're all in and i have no room to put them all (please buy cushions)!

are you cohabiting with a male? i think this particular cushion is rather male-friendly...

just as a footnote: did you know importing goods to switzerland is a nightmare? i'm sure my few ultra-white hair are down to this (if you don't see them it's because i pull them out one by one, hehehe).

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so the parcel contained the printed t-shirts... and very cute little baby bodies.

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get organised

what do you think of these?
alright, not everybody's cup of tea of course.

as you might know i'm a big fan of modular shelf systems (i can always dream of getting organized). a young couple of
munich is making these of cardboard and you can chose the colour of the strap that holds them together. i was tempted but had to resist: the shop is full to the brim already! see more here: http://www.uocu.de/

tomorrow i'm to collect another parcel at the post office, it's from france but i don't know what it is... it could be jewellery or printed t-shirts for the little ones (probably the latter). so my aim today is to sell a parcel's worth of goods to keep the holy cubic meter-balance.

find out next week if it was a small parcel (jewellery) or the big carton. till then enjoy the week-end!



a good question




new t-towls have arrived, love this one with the vibrant blue and the pink confetty. it's nice to hang t-towls, don't you think?

guess what, my holiday season is nearly here starting from next thursday with a long long week-end in instanbul. i have never been there before so if you have any suggestions, please let me know!

please note that the shop will be closed from march 29 to april 3 (included).

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yesterday bf and i went for lunch in the restaurant clouds in the prime tower. what a view on zurich!!! despite the murky weather...



last saturday

...dominique bought this pair. looking real good!

the shape really suits her face and the black hair is the ideal backdrop.



ungrateful windows

last week i sold a mobile so i hanged a new one. it's amazing how the colours change depending on the light.

now that days are getting noticeably longer i finally get some direct light coming into the two back rooms again for a while in the afternoon. so nice!

that the slant of the sunlight practically highlights the dirt on the windows... and i dislike cleaning windows because every time i think i did a good job (arms hurting) and take a few steps back to admire the result i find out that i did a poor job in fact.

unforgiving, that's what they are.

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put on your shoes

i like the new printed cushions that arrived this morning. are you team flats or team heels?

i also restocked on t-towls, some new prints and some familiar ones.

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to grab and to hold

more animals... in yesterday's post i said knitted, but actually they're crocheted.

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a chap to love

sitting at the front of the bus this morning the busdriver and i saw a black cat laying all sprawled out in the middle of the road, taking a sun bath and enjoying life. it only ran away once the driver blew the horn. this cat is my personal hero.

so a little tribute to animals today and tomorrow as i received new knitted toys last week. this little dog for one is so cute that even adults can't resist! keep this one in mind next time you need a present for a child.

ps: pictured dog was given to a family with a very interested jack russel, i hope he will treat it well...

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a taxing tax declaration

unlike today the sun didn't make it through the clouds yesterday so bf and a sweatpants wearing me (you will find out why) were sitting side by side at our computers to sacrifice 2 hours on the tax declaration. yes, in march!! quite unheard of in my case...

sure enough bf was finished within an hour and watching football while i was sweating, kicking and shouting. i don't know what odd spirit inhabited me but i soldiered on for hours after dinner, to 0.15am to be precise! bf fast asleep. but now comes the best part: i guess i'm 70% done!

today was not as productive, but i took my converse out of the closet and lifted the winter ban: it's warm enough again to wear my favorites.



street cleopatra

already friday again! the sun is shining...

yesterday i downloaded a song but the "no comment" look of bf when i played it to him makes me put a disclaimer: it's not the music, it's not the voice, it's not the lyrics, it's just the mood that it encapsulates: it makes me feel light and careless (like chewing a big pink bubble gum) and that's good! and here are the earrings that go with the feeling too cool for school... to be found in the shop of course.

so here's the link:


for youtube, turn on the volume and i hope it will put you in good mood on this friday afternoon.

pic by h. mialh

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the japanese washi window decorations have now arrived. there's a wide choice of snowflakes but for obvious reasons i'm putting these on the side for next winter (sounds far off :-)). but there are also lace borders and i've stuck one on the front window straight away. just spray it with water, let it dry and that's it. no risks as you can peel them off easily and reuse them.

this reminding you of granny's parlour? somehow but in a very charming way...

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doesn't that smell of spring folks?

actually i took this picture for marie because of the liberty fabric of the second shoe (from right) which is precisely one she uses for the pouches (cf post entry november 11 and 26).

i have been flirting with the shoelace derbies (as seen on left side of picture) for two seasons now and would have loved to order some for the shop but when i tried them on i had to admit that you'd better have long legs to wear them. in my next life perhaps...

would you have bought them?




3 days in paris was definitely not enough... i didn't make it to my favorite indian restaurant, i missed out on the best croissant of paris (both too far off in the 15th arrondissement where i usually stay) and when i went to my favorite bakery it was closed on mondays. looks like food is my main concern these days!

but you nosy people want to know what news there will be for the shop, right? jewellery from hawaii (think warm summer nights! expected for july) and a new line from paris with very delicate gold necklaces: a new classic for the shop, i hope. keep posted as this line should be in very soon.



so you know

please be informed that the shop will be closed friday 2nd of march from 16h30 and remains closed saturday 3rd of march.

ladies, i'll be off to paris! i hope to get some nice things for you and me :-)


a head scratcher

this afternoon i'm hoping on the train to paris and so i packed yesterday evening. luckily bf wasn't at home because well, it took me ages to decide what to take and i tried various outfits in front of the mirror. so many variables: what top with which trousers/skirt - the shoes - the bag - the coat... help!

it's ridiculous but it seems to me that you need to dress the part as a small buyer in paris, otherwise you're not taken seriously but you want to be comfortable too when you're en route the whole day. dilemma!

i hope the fashion police will agree with this outfit (plus neon yellow jumper under the jacket and ankle boots), my parents would probably arrest me...