get organised

what do you think of these?
alright, not everybody's cup of tea of course.

as you might know i'm a big fan of modular shelf systems (i can always dream of getting organized). a young couple of
munich is making these of cardboard and you can chose the colour of the strap that holds them together. i was tempted but had to resist: the shop is full to the brim already! see more here: http://www.uocu.de/

tomorrow i'm to collect another parcel at the post office, it's from france but i don't know what it is... it could be jewellery or printed t-shirts for the little ones (probably the latter). so my aim today is to sell a parcel's worth of goods to keep the holy cubic meter-balance.

find out next week if it was a small parcel (jewellery) or the big carton. till then enjoy the week-end!



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