dear friends of the boudoir

wow, wow, wow.... this is a bit special (for me): tomorrow is the last normal day of the shop! 11 years... i honestly dread this day but here are the opening times for last minute christmas shopping on the 24th anyway: 

please note that the store will be open from 11h-15h.

if you see me wearing sunglasses, don't worry, i'll be fine :-)

soon the packing and unravelling of the boudoir will begin, but i hope you will keep this place in fond memory. i for sure will. 

!!! a heartfelt thank you to you all, you have been lovely customers - the best!!! 

Thank you also for your nice comments and good wishes, they mean a lot to me.

many, many of you are on my mailing list, and if you are not, but wish to be, you can still contact me at futureactivities@gmx.ch.

remember: the usual entrez@leboudoir.ch will not be available anymore from end of december!

i have been asked if this blog will continue... i dont't know! we will see. there still are "things" from the store to be sold and i might just use the blog as a sort of internet shop for a while or use the instagram link that is so practical for pictures:

so that was that. for now, i send you my very best wishes and merry christmas to you!!!  

yours sincerely,


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