en route

please note that the shop will be closed from 25.10. - 1.11.

(i didn't know there would be a long holiday (?!?) from january when i planned this...)

i wish a wonderful weekend eveyone and see you back in november!


more ceramics

yesterday white, today colour.



cosy autumn days


picture courtesy of kathrin :-)

who could tell that the two ceramic pieces are not of the same manufacturer? they look like brother and sister to me.

white ceramics look beautifully pristine on wood.

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+ sales now starting on instagram! +

ok, time to start the SALE on instagram!

we're starting with an oval shaped lampshade as the one pictured above, which is now 50% off. several pieces on stock. 

more items on sale to follow shortly! (these will not necessarily appear on this blog)

here the link:http://instagram.com/leboudoir_wohnaccessoires

for the ones not familiar with instagram (= me, a few weeks ago), you can browse my page without having your own instagram. please click on the individual pictures to see the price, availability, leave a comment etc

if you wish to follow the page to receive each new sales entry you need to have your own instagram account (easily set up)and push the follow button on my page. 

of most shown pieces there will be several pieces on stock, but not for all of them. i will for example also sell pieces of the shop furniture like tables, counter etc which are one-off pieces. 

items can be picked up in the store or you can notify me by email: entrez@leboudoir.ch   or call 043 243 75 43.

please note there is a price indication only for items on pictures that are uploaded from october 21. pictures uploaded before that date have no price indication or discount.

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some eye vitamin

a little colour never killed anybody!

if you're looking for a more classic option, there are yet 7 more colours to chose from.

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a farewell to a boudoir classic: the last red hula-set (small size) goes to... Gerlinde.

the small sets are now only available in blue/green as shown below. 

the larger size is still on stock in both colour sets.

the hulas have been a favorite of the store for 7 years!


yummy chair

one specimen in the shop for you to try... not only is this chair beautiful (in my humble opinion anyway) it's also really confortable.

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layer up

if you're interested in sizes/prices email me entrez@leboudoir.ch



+ le boudoir on instagram +

yesterday i got mail from majken: "any plans for sales in the coming months before your closure? then we will come and clean your store :-)"

the answer is: hell, yes, i need a clearance sale, everything has to go + there are only 70 days left! (panic)

the fact that the last days of the boudoir coincide with the busy christmas season doesn't make it easier to plan and organise (my  weak point anyway as you know).

to make it easier (starting soon): sales on instagram


please note that for now it's only a trial with pics from this blog. but shortly you will be able to view items on sale, including the prices.

if you push the follow button you should be informed of any new item that is put on sale. for those not able to just pop in the store etc you can notify me by mail if you wish to purchase a particular item.

let's see how this works out...



for a racy autumn

fat new wool shawls have arrived (ordered back in january!)

spikey necklaces and brooches make for special pieces... click on the pic to have a closer look.

have a great weekend!

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new & beautiful

two days ago the new coffe tables arrived, they're beautiful! 

i took the half size one because i find the shape more interesting. what's more, for small spaces you can place the straight lined face against the sofaside or a wall (for example as a bedside table).   

that's one to grab for chf 209.- also available in off-white.

love, love this one!



wild thing

remember last week's post (26.9.) of the silk shawl?

only unfolded does it reveal the depicted animals: wildcat, wolf, bear, fox cub, owl, unicorn... who would have guessed?



friends in the dark


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if you give up coffee

too cute an idea not to show you...

i salute the person behind this idea and picture!

though i must admit: the picture alone is enough to make me go fetch a coffee, i definitely need one NOW. after the captivating deed of giving notice to 2 assurance policies, telephone, webhosting, paysystem, domain name etc, i deserve one.

this is going to be a short work week:

please note that the store will be closed this friday and saturday october 3&4.



88 days

the day i informed you and my landlord of the closure of the shop... well i afterwards counted, there were exactly 100 days to go to the 24th of december.

the last 100 days of the boudoir. i find this coincidence very fitting.

today sunday, it's 88 days to go. not so much, i have to say! i'm a bit worried in what state you will find the store as the days go by...

i have already started unearthing old stock, so there will be a few surprises!

everything has to go.



more dash than cash

what colour is your winter coat? 

chances are it's a 'daring' black/navy/grey/kaki/brown (just like mine)... now mentally add this scarf and there is the sharp new you ;-)

ok, it may take some time to become attuned to it's particular aesthetics because the colour/print composition is not conventionally pretty. it's thoroughly modern and - more importantly - you will be surprised how good it looks.

ps: the title of this post initially was to be "wild thing". and next week i'll show you why. have a wonderful weekend!

100% silk




quite some but not all of the new shawls are multi-colour, here it's the prints that will add interest and life to your outfits for autumn and winter days.



sold yesterday

this kilim is going to live with a family in an old farmhouse :-)

4 new wool kilims are on their way to the shop, expected for the beginning of october.




...just sold the last of the crossbody bags (the neon yellow one).



shelf life


many thanks to kathrin who sent me these pretty pictures!

if you ask me it looks very cosy in kathrin's cupboard...

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geometry 2

photo via mixology

friday evening folks :-)

those trays... i've shown them on this blog several times and they've since become a constant and a favorite of the shop. as you know they come in various sizes/shapes/formes.

obviously my new mantra has to be: buy/buy/buy sell/sell/sell.

i freely admit that this - being me - is not easy. and i already miserably failed. i ordered more of the trays...

but sooner or later the choice will be limited so if you like to have the full picking: don't wait too long.

on these wise words i wish you a wonderful weekend!

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***fresh from the press***

folks, i haven't checked if this is an astrologically correct time to tell you, but let's go about this deed without much further ado: i have decided that i will be closing the store at the end of the year.


how to explain the end of a love affair? (for a true love t'was for me and i believe the shop loved me back. maybe a little less than me, but as it is, now - after (soon) 11 years of loyal service, it's me leaving, ha).

the truth is: i feel the call for a new adventure. 

there is nothing to feel smug about, in actual fact it's all quite foggy where this call is leading me. i'm just following. it turned out i wasn't capable of devising a master plan for a smooth transition.

all i know is that i'm looking for more mobility. and i'd love to work in a team.

so wish me luck :-)

ps: don't be sad for the store, because as my friend stefan from Toronto told me: imagine a starbucks will take its place.

i must say i'm rather curious to see who will follow up. if you're interested to rent this homely place let me know, i'm on good terms with the landlord.  

pps: and no, this will not be the last post of this blog. i still have plenty of wonderful things to sell to you!

ppps: if you have a valid voucher for the store: get here quick to use it while you can!

pppps: if you happen to have a wonderful job proposition to make to me: i might be interested! =totally open (repeat: a wonderful, not crap proposition).

and now let's get busy because there will be an awful lot to do until the end of the year...


wrap it

new shawls in town...

don't be afraid of colour because there will be a riot of it!

just what we need to pick-up our autumn/winter wardrobe.



la caverne d'ali baba

after a lot of huff and puff (imagine piles and piles of folded riches): 4 hand-picked kilim rugs coming your way!

naturally, each kilim is a one-off in size/colour/pattern so be the first to have a look at them! 

it will be a few weeks before i get them, email me if you want to be informed of their arrival.


just sold


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post paris

the bi-annual show in paris, boy, i just counted it's the 23rd time i went there!



a bit pale

...one of the countless options how to stack the muuto modules.

beautiful, isn't it?

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dangerous thoughts

i wish this table would make its way to my home! come to think of it: my office table at home is just a wooden board on trestles... hmmmm.

unfortunately muuto didn't attend the show in paris this time but i saw the table in a shop. it comes in two sizes and 4 colour options (black, white, grey and light green). 

there are also other novelties by muuto that are tempting me. well, actually they're already on my order list :-) more on that at a later stage.

as already mentioned: you're welcome to place orders for muuto products, but be quick! i plan to send off the order by the end of this week.

and because i'm such a fan of the muuto stacked system i'll post yet another picture of that tomorrow (see how organized i am!).

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en route


earrings that fly...
it's already time again for the autumn trade shows! this afternoon i'll be hoping on the train to paris, so:

please note that the shop will be closed thursday from 16h, friday and saturday.

it's open doors again from tuesday september 9th.

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last pieces!

if you've always ment to buy one of the large magnetic frames... now is the time to make a move because these are the last pieces!

grey, black and bright red are now sold out, last colour available is the darker red shown here (still severall pieces on stock).

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just unpacked... a first peak on the sabrina dehoff jewellery.
click on the picture for a better look.

enjoy the weekend!