easter opening times


easter is approaching fast now, so to let you know in time, please be informed of the shop's opening times around the holidays:

the shop will be closed from friday april 18th to wednesday april 23rd.

See you back from thursday 24th, happy easter!!!

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new vase

yesterday this new vase with the thin blue line arrived from denmark. lovely and fresh.

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a little still life

the trays from sweden have arrived, here's the small size with the geraniums and butterflies.

for a perfect little gift (without the calories) if you're invited for easter.

there is a larger size and two more designs to chose from.

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Tatjana in the house

the last two days i had my (not so little) niece to work with me in the shop. that was good fun. the thing she prefered doing was to stand at the cash desk and make the customer pay :-) fair enough!

today we played around with some ephemeral tatoos and sunglasses, my brother nearly fainted when he saw her at the end of the day, hihihi.



a bunch of tulips

looks like i have seen too many episodes of the series "the Tudors" where heads were cut off... at any rate i discovered 3 tulip stumps in the bouquet that had to be put in smaller containers. but they still look pretty!




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a bit of colour on a rainy day...

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manuela's sideboard

this entire week i have been a woman on a mission: deliver tax declaration... uffff, i'm nearly done.

so i'm thankful manuela sent me this picture i can post today :-)

last week manuela came to collect her ordered combination of the stacked system and here you can see the result! 

i really like the mix of ash wood and white elements and the way she stacked it. i'm taking notes! detail: if you look more closely you can see that the backboard of the lower element on the left is pink.

have a lovely weekend!

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on order only

mamma mia, little Victoria is so cute with her liberty scarf... made by her own mum! 

actually the scarf was made on order for Victoria's best friend but then of course Victoria "ordered" her own scarf too so she and her friend can have the same.

if you think this is irresistible (as you clearly should :-)) you can order your own specimen and Marie will make it for you. contact me at entrez@leboudoir.ch for any questions. 

btw: this liberty fabric will soon find its way to the shop in form of pouches... click on the link "purses and pouches" below to see Marie's lovely pouches and the other fabrics that are available too.

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back in stock

now back in stock again!

(and i have ordered enough pieces this time round)


why work?

i mean, just now when the sun is shining?

when i see this picture of sabine she just sent me...



domestic peace saved

also in my last muuto order: this oak lounge chair. it is so comfortable! i took one home.

the lounge chair can now be tested in the shop. the fringe benefit i have't thought of before: tired (= impatient) boyfriends can be seated while you browse the store in peace of mind.

the lounge chair can also be ordered in various colours (red, green, grey and black).

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wedding pieces

don't know what's wrong, but i haven't yet been invited to a wedding this year...

in my books, above pictured earrings are called the wedding pieces ever since i sold them to a bride-to-be last summer. aren't they just lovely? always two and two toghether.

145.- the pair.

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isabel carefully selected 4 different gift wrapping papers and cleverly used it to decorate the drawers of an ikea chest drawer she was no longer happy with. and used some masking tape for the rectangles. 

wow, precision work, one can tell!  

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mmmmmm..... need we say more?

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three more kilims are now in stock. if you want to know sizes please let me know and i will mail them to you.




last autumn i bought sunglasses for the store for the first time and well, as a repeat offender, have (as already mentioned) ordered from the new collection of this young london brand.

nothing more effective to put some dash to your look as a cool (or for that matter hot) pair of sunglasses, don't you think?

and the chf 54.- price tag is gratifyingly affordable too. (i mean, who wants to lose another pair of 250 quid sunglasses?)

stay tuned to see what designs will be available... i can already let on that there is even a beautiful, nay two! beautiful designs for brave males too ;-)

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all the pretty colours

where to start, where to stop? one of each please...

so this time it's official: springtime is here! have a lovely weekend everyone :-)


new in

today another parcel arrived from danemark, this time i unpacked these wooden frames, consisting only of top and bottom. the print, drawing, wallpaper etc can be slid in a slot and thightened with invisible screws. the weight of the bottom piece also helps to make lighter paper hang straight. the mapple wood sticks are 51cm long, top piece with a leather string, hexagonal key included.

i tried it with a handprint from the store, see below.



new in

today i received delivery from denmark, among other things this new vase of mouthblown grey glass with a wooden base (laquered in grey to match the glass) that comes seperatelay. so you can use it with or without the base. very muuto if you ask me.

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spring is in the air

as we have all noticed in the past few days, it's time to take the sunglasses out of the drawer again! so done in the store. 

you will find pieces as the one shown in the picture plus i have ordered sunglasses from the new spring/summer 14 collection, that should be in beginning of april.