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friday evening folks :-)

those trays... i've shown them on this blog several times and they've since become a constant and a favorite of the shop. as you know they come in various sizes/shapes/formes.

obviously my new mantra has to be: buy/buy/buy sell/sell/sell.

i freely admit that this - being me - is not easy. and i already miserably failed. i ordered more of the trays...

but sooner or later the choice will be limited so if you like to have the full picking: don't wait too long.

on these wise words i wish you a wonderful weekend!

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***fresh from the press***

folks, i haven't checked if this is an astrologically correct time to tell you, but let's go about this deed without much further ado: i have decided that i will be closing the store at the end of the year.


how to explain the end of a love affair? (for a true love t'was for me and i believe the shop loved me back. maybe a little less than me, but as it is, now - after (soon) 11 years of loyal service, it's me leaving, ha).

the truth is: i feel the call for a new adventure. 

there is nothing to feel smug about, in actual fact it's all quite foggy where this call is leading me. i'm just following. it turned out i wasn't capable of devising a master plan for a smooth transition.

all i know is that i'm looking for more mobility. and i'd love to work in a team.

so wish me luck :-)

ps: don't be sad for the store, because as my friend stefan from Toronto told me: imagine a starbucks will take its place.

i must say i'm rather curious to see who will follow up. if you're interested to rent this homely place let me know, i'm on good terms with the landlord.  

pps: and no, this will not be the last post of this blog. i still have plenty of wonderful things to sell to you!

ppps: if you have a valid voucher for the store: get here quick to use it while you can!

pppps: if you happen to have a wonderful job proposition to make to me: i might be interested! =totally open (repeat: a wonderful, not crap proposition).

and now let's get busy because there will be an awful lot to do until the end of the year...


wrap it

new shawls in town...

don't be afraid of colour because there will be a riot of it!

just what we need to pick-up our autumn/winter wardrobe.



la caverne d'ali baba

after a lot of huff and puff (imagine piles and piles of folded riches): 4 hand-picked kilim rugs coming your way!

naturally, each kilim is a one-off in size/colour/pattern so be the first to have a look at them! 

it will be a few weeks before i get them, email me if you want to be informed of their arrival.


just sold


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post paris

the bi-annual show in paris, boy, i just counted it's the 23rd time i went there!



a bit pale

...one of the countless options how to stack the muuto modules.

beautiful, isn't it?

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dangerous thoughts

i wish this table would make its way to my home! come to think of it: my office table at home is just a wooden board on trestles... hmmmm.

unfortunately muuto didn't attend the show in paris this time but i saw the table in a shop. it comes in two sizes and 4 colour options (black, white, grey and light green). 

there are also other novelties by muuto that are tempting me. well, actually they're already on my order list :-) more on that at a later stage.

as already mentioned: you're welcome to place orders for muuto products, but be quick! i plan to send off the order by the end of this week.

and because i'm such a fan of the muuto stacked system i'll post yet another picture of that tomorrow (see how organized i am!).

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en route


earrings that fly...
it's already time again for the autumn trade shows! this afternoon i'll be hoping on the train to paris, so:

please note that the shop will be closed thursday from 16h, friday and saturday.

it's open doors again from tuesday september 9th.

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last pieces!

if you've always ment to buy one of the large magnetic frames... now is the time to make a move because these are the last pieces!

grey, black and bright red are now sold out, last colour available is the darker red shown here (still severall pieces on stock).

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just unpacked... a first peak on the sabrina dehoff jewellery.
click on the picture for a better look.

enjoy the weekend!



muuto in the house

today i'm going mental and it's all the fault of my camera... all the pictures i take are nearly black (yes, i have taken the shutter off...) and it seems to me that i have pressed all the buttons in all the possible positions...

so friends: instead you get nice pictures of muuto. how about that?

the henceforce (in)famous stacked system and the dot hooks. if any of this inspires you get to me quick because we're soon ready for the next order.

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soft light

a classic of the shop... candlecup for now available in clear blue and green. soon again in white too.

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back to school

it's already the end of august... the new season is upon us (the absence of an exclamation mark says it all).

the good news is: new season = new jewellery.

this large chain link bracelet is one of the standout pieces of the new autumn/winter collection. what is so cool about it is that you can wear it to anything. t-shirt: check. blouse: check. sweatshirt: check. pullover: check. cashmere turtle neck: check. suit jacket: check. elegant dress: check.

ergo: all occasions covered. you've just set your eyes on an allrounder! 




right... it didn't quite work out the way i thought, in short: i haven't prepared one single post for this week away (well, guess who is surprised now).

i'm now finally sitting in front of the computer but going mad with loading/finding pictures both of my cellphone or camera on this one (a zillion of photos), grrrrrr. so frankly... not sure i'll post more this week because here in italy the sun is shining and we can actually WEAR sunglasses :-) i hear i need to make the most of it. 

so you may say it's not only unfair but pointless to show you sunglasses. sorry!

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on and off

as said in the title below: summer is not over yet!

for me it's been on and off work these past few weeks and you've been warned: next week i'll be off for a last week of summer holidays.

but to make matters a bit sweeter i'll be posting :-)
not that i'll do it there and then next week but i hope to be able to prepare a few post entries tomorrow saturday when i'm working in the shop but presumably noone will be able to get here as the whole area around zurich central will be closed for the marathon. 

please note that the shop will be closed from august 19-23.


summer is not over yet!

as it says in the tag: perfect couples. well, in this case it's a threesome!

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crikey, it is so dark today (not to mention the rain) that i find it difficult to take good pictures of the carmen cards. i'm not doing them justice. well, why don't you come and see for yourselves?

i've just looked and saw that it's been nearly two years since the last post on the carmen cards (cf 24.10.12). time is running, i tell you...

but insofar nothing has changed: they are still the most wonderful cards, with a silky surface, each and every piece made by carmen and her sister.

so what's new: some added motives and one single 10x15cm format: oblong, folded (each packed with an envelope). 

so for now you can still chose between the 4 old sizes and the new formate. which doesn't make the choice any easier...

i'm a fan!

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paper love

remember the carmen cards?

i'm a bit cought for time today but tomorrow i'll show you more of the new cards carmen brought me today.

lovely stuff indeed!




recently i sold the composition of shelves i've used as a display in the shop for a while so to change a little i have now put together a more compact version.

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a farewell to a family holiday

... in sweden. lovely, lovely.



holiday animal

let's face it: with both the school holiday and semester break this time of the year is usually very boring in the shop. as you know me no further excuse is needed to close shop doors for holidays (yes!)

there will be a lot of surf and turf this summer, so i'd better inform you ahead of time when the shop will be closed...

24.7.- 5.8.

may the weather gods be with us!


currently looking into...

mmm, that looks rather light and elegant, don't you think?

equally the beauty and proplem with those shelves is that there are zillions of combinations...

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summer gear