holiday animal

let's face it: with both the school holiday and semester break this time of the year is usually very boring in the shop. as you know me no further excuse is needed to close shop doors for holidays (yes!)

there will be a lot of surf and turf this summer, so i'd better inform you ahead of time when the shop will be closed...

24.7.- 5.8.

may the weather gods be with us!


currently looking into...

mmm, that looks rather light and elegant, don't you think?

equally the beauty and proplem with those shelves is that there are zillions of combinations...

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summer gear


new earrings in town

i couldn't decide which picture to chose, so there you get all 4 of them!



la vie est belle avec simone de beauvoir

hello there, hope you've been good!

for those who follow this blog i still owe you one on headscarves for (ahem) grownups (say on the other side of 35).

10 days ago i was in paris for a show and i can confirm that in the streets of the french capital i saw lots of women wearing headscarves, and not in a shy way!

thus newly inspired/motivated i came back but now have to admit that i look too (...) to show ways to wear the headscarf on myself so googeled those pictures for you.

the ingredients to that look is a smart you and a not so big scarf, for example the pradaesque silk one shown below, available in the shop (chf 44.-).




a nice surprise

just when i thought this post was about scarves for headbands (part 2) it turns out it's about luxenburgerli and flowers!

so there was a candy colour invasion in the shop... the lush bouquet of flowers went straight into this large glass vase (for more pictures of the vase cf post entry 10.4. and 2.4.) and the luxenburgerli had to submit to a (very) short photo session before reaching their final destination/destiny.

but they looked fine on the coloured plates, didn't they? 

many thanks to Rita and Gina! 

tomorrow i'll be working till 4pm, then i'll jump onto the tgv to paris for a couple of days to attend shows and for the rest of the week i'll be off work... have a good time and see you back on july 15th!

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folks, it's festival time... practically a licence to wear cool headgear that maybe feels too silly or contrived in the office. so go girl, find out what suits you and have fun.

this is best tried with a scarf that is not too large, silk is probably the best choice as it can be rolled, doesn't make you sweat like other fabrics and falls easily into place. in the shop i have a small variety to chose from. some of them come with a leaflet how to style the scarves. 

if like me you're past the age to go to festivals we can still experiment with headscarves but it's difficult to get away with the "easteregg" as seen below...

beautiful pic via garance doré

why not try to channel the intrepid intellectual looks of Frida Kahlo or Simone de Beauvoir?

more on that captivating subject tomorrow :-)


sold today

this is for a birthday...

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in the mix

here one multiple bracelet and a bangle.

the bangle with the enamel square comes in red, pink, blue and black and the multiple bracelet is also available in other colour mixes.

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please note that saturday june 28th the shop will be closed.

tomorrow i'm travelling to south of france to visit my dear and very old grand-mother, we're going to have champagne! so cheers to everyone, enjoy the weekend.


sofa soft mags

majken has ordered the hay mags soft sofa in a slightly slimmer version than the one shown in the first picture.

if you have been looking for a new sofa and pondering on endless possibilites doesn't scare you then ask me for the pdf with the module overview at entrez@leboudoir.ch.

if you're looking for something a bit more formal there is the sister version mags sofa also by hay.

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big flower, small vases...

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dress your wall

another example of the staked system...

pic via pinterest

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marie pour le boudoir

bags of loveliness... 

last week marie brought some new pouches in fresh coloured Liberty fabric. 

there is nothing random about these pouches: the colour of the zipper, the lining, the paper tag confetty... and this attention to detail is what makes them so special.

piece by piece made by marie.



walk this way

a batch of new summer shawls arrived this week, some of them in light cotton, others in silk.

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new earrings in town 

(see them worn in post entry of may 27)



a farewell to a summer holiday

loved it from the first minute to the last!