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there is a big difference between "bye-bye, see you again" and "farewell". as an embarrassingly sentimental person, i've never liked farewells and so i'm a bit worried i might shed a few tears when definitely closing the doors of the shop on december 24th, but hopefully not. probably the whole situation will just feel unreal.

so here folks, with a delay of about 11 years, i have decided to start a mailing list NOW. if you want to be on the list you can shortly email me at this new email address

futureactivities@gmx.ch with just "mailing list" in the subject.

important: the mail address entrez@leboudoir.ch will only be actif until 31.12.14!

what is this mailinglist ment for?

truth to be said: i don't know. yet.

chances are that future activities include *pop-up shops etc etc

so if you want to stay in touch, please put your name on the list, thank you :-)

rest assured there will be no giving away of any names, email addresses or whatsoever to any other party, ever.



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