let's get real

in the loo i saw my calendar with the countdown for shop closure: blimey, only 49 days to go!!!

the implications haven't really dawned on me yet...

on the more practical (=materialistic) side it's clear to me i'm not pharao ramesses to bring my possessions to my grave and even in my living time there is only so much space in my home and cellar! (yes, i will keep a few things on store for wedding presents etc because i know i will need them sooner or later).

i'm happy the way intstagram sales have started and i encourage you to have a look every few days for the new entries as the price reductions really are interesting. some items like the oval lampshade are actually sold quite below the price i initially paid. one is gone but several more are waiting to find a happy owner.

also, it is necessary for you to click on pictures of interest to be able to see the price. this is only valid from the pictures uploaded from october 21 when the sales started.

mail me for more information or to purchase items seen on instagram at entrez@leboudoir.ch

this evening for example i shall be putting 8 packs of a boudoir classic for a special price on instagram. the rest of the sets will be sold for the usual price in the store for christmas time as it's a beautiful present. 
so who is quick and clever?



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