common wardrobe dilemma

this morning i was standing in front of my wardrobe, clueless. looking at winter clothes - big pullovers that is - filled me with loathing. i have nothing to put on!

that's why i love a good scarf. it can change your outlook on the day... no wonder they have been at the fashion forefront continously since 2007 (i happen to remember this precisely because i bought a so-called "Arafat scarf" that summer, hihi).

so aside from the big chunky scarves (wonderful as they are, now under a ban until next autumn, but the new collection is already in the making) and the finer wooly ones i have a new line from danemark in the works. 

my order back in january has now been confirmed, i'm happy to say! there will be all kind of materials, also of pure silk, with the common denominator of prints. and very nice ones at that! 

first delivery expected for june.

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