linen - the real thing


have you ever tried linen bedding?

maybe you shouldn't because once you've tried you will desperately want them! and you will never be enthusiastic again to buy a bed-set in ikea.  

the problem you see, is that linen certainly is eye-wateringly expensive. 

but oh-so-good.

so for more than a year i have been on the look-out for linen bedding for the shop. and i have found in france and the uk (pics of the latter). but i'm hesitating and so far haven't ordered because of the prices.
what's more i'm lacking the room in the shop to properly display it on a bed (which makes it quite irresistible).

on the other hand: spend 3 nights in a hotel and you will spend the same money. maybe you should just stay home instead and enjoy your linen bedding the entire weekend and for many years to come :-)



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Even reading your post made ma want to have some linen sheets, yummy! (manner)

9:31 pm  

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