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today it's raining... surely that's an improvement with respect to snowing?

this easter i'm on a mission to uncover as many chocolate bunnies as possible and, alternatively: finish this year's tax declaration (>90%). so you imagine how ardent i will be at the task.

it is funny to notice what lame excuses the mind falls back on just to escape for a few minutes. for example: while i'm working at a bloody chaotic desk all year round, i suddenly need to get all the stuff out of the way to work on taxes. it's the desk, the computer, the calculator and me, basta. files and miscellanous paper all strewn over the floor (what a sight it must be from above). 

every year i tell myself: next year you're going to be incredibly organised!(and i believe it). so case in point with these two(excuse the expression) super stylish helpers: the acrylic stuff box and the "accordion" archive folder. i want!

and now let me get busy with my taxes... wish you happy easter!        

please note that the shop will be closed tomorrow friday and saturday march 30.

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