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last week the kilim rugs arrived, i've also taken some cushion covers (60x60cm).

believe me, when you're literally stumbling over and climbing on piles and piles of folded kilims it's a rather daunting task to keep your cool and pick the best pieces (not to mention the stressful presence of the choleric turk boss!).

that allone is a good reason why a person in his/her right frame of mind wouldn't buy rugs, but on top of that it's also because selling a kilim can take a long time. the right sizes x the right colours x the right wallet (fine woven kilims like that come at a price)= infinitesimal chance of selling it to you, dear reader, but you never know ;-)

btw: i'm glad about the pieces i've chosen! so i'm optimistic that they will find a happy home in time as did the other kilims so far.

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