THE vase

today i'm finally honouring a promise i've made last april... i'm quite sure no one remembers anyway, but you see, i'm a woman of principles (do i hear someone sniggering?).

in the post "before&then"
(click on the link and scroll down to the post of 10.4.2012) i said i would explain why this purple vase has a special meaning for me. it's because of this particular vase that i first dreamt about opening a shop for home accessories. blame it on the vase!

i can't trace it back exactly, somewhere around 1999 (sounds like ages ago!) i was living with my former boyfriend in paris when i saw this vase in the conran shop (and freak coincidence, the name of this vase is PARIS!). at that time i would never have thought that i would spend that kind of money on a vase. so it took me a few trips to the conran shop before deciding i would actually buy it. nay, not putting my money in a piece of clothing or jewellery as usual, but in a glass vase. i swear that for me that was almost madness but from then on my interest in home accessories was kindled.

as you can see from the pictures i'm still a proud owner of the paris vase and it was one of the very first articles i researched and bought for the shop. when i was informed that it was being discontinued i bought the remaining pieces and so to this day i still have a few pieces on offer. if you're looking for a classic piece you will enjoy a lifetime (don't let it fall though) you know where to go!

ps: in the second picture...that's quite a colour combination, isn't it?! i'd bought the dark purple tulips and the yellow flowers i had picked in the fild and the forest (the big yellow flowers).



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