after the party

first of all, sisters and brothers, a happy new year to all of you!

here i sit at my desk again after 9 days off work... yes 9 full days, but blimey, where have they gone? too much dozing on the sofa as it seems and not enough of "pause and think". oh well. since i didn't heed one single of last year's good resolves what's the point? so no lofty plans for the year ahead, sorry. 

december is the single most important month of the year for the shop but by christmas all is left in a big mess and paperwork has just piled up unopened. so it feels like the morning after a big party: wow, there is all sorts of clearing-up operations to do! so i really need to hitch up that donkey (= me) and get the cart going again. but that is what january is for, isn't it? and with some swinging music it's frankly quite pleasant... 

but more interestingly for you: today i got two deliveries, one from finland and one from N.Y.! more on that tomorrow.