opening a new book

yesterday the first delivery of Secto Design came from finland with those handmade birch wood pendant lamps. new year, new light!

the conic shape (Secto 4201 and 4200)which i have ordered for the shop, comes in two sizes and various finishes: birch nature (my favorite, but i was told these were for fans of the scandi look while in switzerland the colour finishes are prefered), white, black or walnut veneer. whatever the finish and most importantly: whatever lightbulb (yes, even with low energy bulbs!) the light will give a very warm and pleasant feel.

all secto lamps are designed by the finnish architect Seppo Koho: "my lighting fixtures are spaces in themselves (...) they create atmoshere".
for more info and to see the entire collection visit:
it will take some fiddling with the wiring (and you know how much i like that...i think i will have to challenge poor bf with that unnerving job) before you will see them hanging in the shop, so i dare not make any promises. 

as Peter Ustinov remarked: to make plans means to substitute coincidence by error (!)

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