there you have it...

yes, we're in the dead of winter, it's dark long before we leave our workplaces in the evening and apart from the occasional mandarine we don't see much colour. we wear mousy colours and so does nature. And it doesn't help that we're in christmas cookies withdrawal...

so frankly, it's uplifting to see the zingy colour of next spring/summer: tangerine ahoy!

i usually don't care much about colour trends in fashion i just happen to really like tangerine, so when i came across this leather bag collection and saw the tangering: bang, i ordered.

while i'm still waiting to get all the ordered bags, now in january i got a second batch with the big tote bag in red and black and the little tote bag in fluorescent yellow and... tangerine! needless to say that i have snatched one for myself :-) thereby heroically resisting the indigo blue one. below one of annabel's lovely pro pics.


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