flown away - want to order it?

you know what it feels like when you return to a shop to buy something you have seen and then you're too late, it's gone!

i sometimes get that feeling when a customer buys a piece of which i either only have one or it's the last...

today that just happened when this tray with the bird was sold. only one piece. and now i want it, badly! as a present for my mother (she doesn't read the blog, but you Papa need to keep your mouth shot) and/or for moi-toute-seule-allein.

now you see the dilemma... should i re-order it at once although i have yet enough of the rest of porcelain on stock?

so, sisters and brothers, if you think that this tray might come handy as a christmas present (or any other occasion for that matter) mail me here entrez@leboudoir.ch and if we're enough of us i'll order it asap so we can get delivery well in time.
the porcelain tray has a diameter of 23cm and costs chf 89.- the bird is attached to the tray. the dots and lines are royal blue.

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