preparing paris

pic via Bergdorf.org

is january your favorite month of the year? 

not really, thought so... january is a drag in the shop: it's the crash after december but still loads of paper work to work off. it's like cold coffee. 

i suspect this is the case for many in my line of business, so most conveniently the trade shows enter center stage in january. so i'm not sad to say that next week i'm off to paris on wednesday evening! 

i'm mentally making notes of my favorite bakeries, restaurants, coffee shops, bars... but i'm also planning on my orders! 

for instance: what do you think of this mobile side table? the trays are made of steel, the legs of ash wood. available in black, white, coral, dark grey, light grey and mint. price tag chf 280.00.

for more info/pictures get back to me at
entrez@leboudoir.ch. orders are welcome until january 24.

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