a fresh start

first of all: happy new year, brothers and sisters!!!

yesterday evening (december 31) i made a last unexpected (and for those who know me surprising) discovery: i really like portwine! as boyfriend said, 2014 is going to be an extravagant year...

other than that we started the year with a fine: boyfriend managed to cross not one but two railway tracks just in front of a police car... but the good bit is: i have finally cleared my home office of 20cm deep layer of strewn papers and other fossilised bits and pieces. ah, the relief! (even though a few overdued invoices turned up waiting to be paid).

since i was totally successfull with abiding by my resolves last year (realistic as i am i hadn't made a single one) i'm encouraged to make these resolves for 2014

1) mundane but effective: to actually write down all my zillion passwords on one single piece of paper, the challenge being to successfully locate that piece of paper when needed.

2)(drum and roll) eat sweets only every other day. and not to double up the portion on that other day. yes perfectly.

so i hope you agree with me 2014 is boding well.

and now for the more profane commitments: shop doors will reopen from friday january 5th already.

picture by the danish painter Vilhelm Hammershoi 


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