mad about the copper

first day on the job this year... 

sadly the cafe neighbouring the shop is closed until next monday (oh, the lazy bums! or is it just me being stupid for turning up today at all?) so no peacable coffee sipping in front of the computer today i'm afraid.

i haven't told you yet, but i went to see my family in danemark over christmas and as usual i pored over my aunt's home magazines for hours (with coffee and cookies, mind you! oh, i'm so in withdrawal!) and apart from seeing a lot of familiar home accessories i sell in the shop i also came across new things i mean to buy for the shop. bah, for you!

looks like i'm continuing on my weird trip (hankerchiefs, napkins, coasters) of things i would never have thought i would select for the shop and now, you saw it coming: i'm meaning to buy this thermos flask, or vacuum jug, as they call it.

it's a danish classic, but what's new now and what i like about it is the copper tone. i usually never speak of trends because that's boring and quite unnecessary for home accessories but i find i'm really drawn to this trend. copper is so cool!!! i want.

two more items in copper have left a mark on my retina, read about them next week.

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