old friend

i try not to show it in the shop but in reality, i'm a walking chaos. 

yesterday i lost the finest and most expensive bracelet of the shop. it must be lying somewhere and crying out to me, but look as i might i cannot find it. it's nerve-wracking.

on the other hand, out of the blue, this morning i found two of these old pouches in a tiny carton in the stock. hello again! a few years ago i had many of these with different prints. very good to keep small necessities in your handbag.

so maybe one day the bracelet will show-up again, somewhere on the bottom of a carton in the cellar. if it doesn't get thrown out without my noticing... but i've had enough of being helter-skelter 12.12.12... today is the day where i start being terribly organised - beyond recognition!

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