ladies, some of you will remember about the new leather bags that are in the pipeline (cf post 3.10.12).
there will be a tote bag in two sizes and several colours and this smaller bag shown here. 

what you cannot see from Annabel's lovely pictures (but that i remember from when i saw them) is that the bag is made of 3 individual parts; you can actually unbutton one part and use it as a clutch. so chic for all the work apéros that you lazy lot will be enjoying in december while i will be grafting!

can you guess the colours i have ordered? 

watch out for pictures of the tote bags that i will post next week.

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OpenID entsorgungskalender said...

neon yellow and blue?

3:09 pm  
Blogger Kat said...

correct! just add tangerine (the fluorescent orange) and champagne (gold, not shown on picture).

6:48 pm  

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