all the family members

i've had these magnetic frames for many years now, but what's new is the neon colours. a dash of zingy colours that's very welcome on grey days like this one.

if you're lucky you can use these magnetic frames on your fridge. other than that they will stick to any surface where magnets hold.

a couple of years ago, francis gave me one of my favorite gifts ever: an album containing the most ugliest photos of him, me or us together; pictures of horrible moments on trips, big smiles with salad between teeths, a grease stain on a silk blouse, pimples, worst ever seen hair days, unintended grotesque faces etc... photos that make you blush of shame and that you would gladly bin instantly. seriously, one shouldn't. each time i leaf through that album i have to cry with laughter and i'm so glad he sneakily kept these pictures!   

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