an unpolished little diamond

yesterday was saint boudoirs day - 9 years already since i first opened the shop door (can't believe it)!

one would think that after 9 years everything should be quite organised and under control... but somehow i still haven't managed to achieve that. the shop looks quite home-made and every now and then i hear the question: did you produce all the products yourself? (note: i have over 140 suppliers, which is insane) or: did you just open the shop? i'm not sure it's a compliment!

however, this year i managed to do a window decoration in time for advent and christmas, which is quite unheard of for me :-)

the snowflakes are handmade of washi paper and stick to glass surfaces by spraying them with water. they can be peeled off the glass and re-used every year. so clever.

these come in a pack of 5 small snowflakes (14.50), a pack of 3 medium sized snowflakes (14.50) or a pack of one large and one small snowflake (14.50).

ps: washi tape comes in handy to hold snowflakes in place until you're happy with your composition (without leaving residue on the glass like other tapes).


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