the friday pieces

i told you back in march that i have ordered some new jewellery line (mainly earrings) from hawaï which is quite olé-olé and i do hope that you will be in the mood for this! at least i have a few weeks to motivate you until the jewellery arrives...

i don't know if it's down to a very gingery drink that i have made with my new juicer but yesterday evening i added a few more pieces to the order and i must say it were not the most inconspicuous pieces that landed on my list. for one, i took some asymmetric pieces like the pair of earrings shown here.

quite festive, aren't they? love-love-love.

so for the next few weeks, every friday i'll post a pic of a dangly pair so eventually you will find these earrings totally  wearable for cleaning the house! ok, maybe not. but for 10% of you on a nice summer evening? come on!

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