escapism... (don't read this if you're in a bad mood already)

today i woke up in a sweat, i'd dreamt my old teacher told me i had to re-do my a-levels in mathematics: my recurrent nightmare! can you please analyse me?

i interpret it thus that sometimes i feel a bit overwhelmed by it all, the everyday worries, the hassle with suppliers and importing goods, the not so positive economic outlook, the swiss/euro disaster, endless to-do lists that never diminish however much overtime i put in. not to mention the dust, the bloody dust! in short, i'm running in the hamster weel, stuck in a rut.

help! so of course i dream of escape...

and while i'm at it i'm dreaming on a high level: see this serene spot on a mountain top with splendid view... please sign me in for a week (or two).

sorry folks, but it had to come ou
t. i know it's the same for everybody in every job, sometimes we're frustrated. i wish you all a week-end to thoroughly enjoy, let some steam off and (re-)connect with life's joys.

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