get juicy

lately i've felt a bit run down at work (read: mutiny on the Bounty) so i figured i might at least help with some vitamins. i've now bought a juicer and have squarely taken the rolls royce of juicers!

let's just say that this first juice is probably the most expensive one in the world but i'm determined to amortize the cost of this until i'll say this was actually a bargain :-)

the device now proudly stands in my shop kitchen, the green miracle potion at reach (i'll have to stop short of broccoli though, that's a no go!). but here comes a probably even more therapeutic recipe as concocted by Inbal, the 2.5 year old daughter of my friend Adi.

Adi: yesterday she came to me holding a light bulb, a plastic cup and a pink magnet and asked "mama can i cook something for you?" i said sure, what do you want to cook for me sweetie?
and she said:"Lichtbrei und Erdbeerwasser und Freitag Wolkeneis für dich zum lecken" 
(light porridge and strawberry water and friday i'll cook cloud-icecream for you to lick).



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