to tie the knot (or not)

as you have discovered by now i have a (very) weak spot for jewellery. (call it the neanderthal genes: people have always adorned themselves and always will. with bones, stones, feathers, shells, gold) everytime i get delivery it's a special moment when i'm about to open the package and re-discover the pieces one by one, feels like i was the Count of Montecristo opening the treasure chest!

yesterday i was fedexed a small package no larger than a big envelope (ah, bless the fact that jewellery - unlike ceramics for example - is light and takes so little storage space, there's no breakage...) and this is what was inside: new gold rings, timeless yet special. the stuff wedding bands are made of.

other than that there were some necklaces and a bracelet, pics to follow soon.



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