home run

i'm a big fan of the muuto stacked shelf system and its endless possibilities. often copied but never matched.

simply pile the elements on top of each other or, for a more elegant look, stack them on top of a podium as in the last picture below. you could also hang them on a wall. chose between 3 sizes, with or without backboard, white or ash.

to see all the available elements have a look at the brand new muuto catalogue: http://ipaper.ipapercms.dk/Muuto/MuutoCatalogue/
i very much like the idea of using the stacked system as a room divider. for your inspiration 2 examples found on internet (via oliviababycakes and ralphcapper)

i'm the happy owner of 7 elements myself and am planning to add on more bit by bit.

for yet more pictures of the shelf system click on the tag "shelving" below.

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