an update on paris

 wow, i'm glad to be back to business even if energy levels are still a bit lacking. to spend entire days at home sounds like a good plan but i'd rather work than feel like crap.

also, i've got loads to do before.... LEAVING ON A HOLIDAY soon!

so, let us catch up on paris...  paris under a rare blanket of snow. i reordered with a good many of the usual suspects but for me it's always a highlight to find a new supplier. my standout discoveries this time where 2 danish companies, one for shawls (to be confirmed), one for paper mobiles, and a french jewellery maker. i've also set my peepers on a very colourful brazilian style bracelet (bought one myself for my birthday). you see i'm being my old faithful self :-)

watch this space for more infos/photos.  



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