the new tote

ladies, i mentioned it yesterday... i'm afraid i went a bit overboard with my orders this week-end.

i'll not confess to all at once, but here's the worst (read: the best) bit: new leather totes in many wonderful colours!!! my favorite ones are this deep indigo blue and a almost fluorescent tangerine! i sure enough have my eyes on the tangerine one because i love colourful accessories in winter to add some vitamins to a look.

here's actually the colour list:
the brights: citrus (=fluorescent yellow), tangerine, persian blue (shown on picture)

the naturals: black, khaki, blue bell (=pale blue/grey), military green, champagne (yes please) 

so far, so good... if only there wasn't the hefty price tag! so put some money in the piggy bank when you can and you'll be there by the time the bags are in, expected for december.

this tote bag will be available in two sizes (i've concentrated on the smaller size) and i've also ordered a small bag that can be used as a clutch (more on that later when i have a photo to show you).

picture via LCouture

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