make me nervous

the two last days (yes, on monday too - my day off!) i have been spending hours cleaning the shop. now, believe it or not, cleaning is an ongoing activity here, i just never take it that seriously. so why now?

because i was expecting the official visit of palle of the genious danish company muuto. inevitably my mind goes racing... palle sees some of the best shops around, what would he think of my "homemade" little shop???

i don't know... but the meeting went rather well! who knows if this is down to the coffee and spr√ľngli sweets we gobbled?

anyway... here's the link to the new muuto catalogue, please click and enjoy!

if you want to order anything or have questions mail me at entrez@leboudoir.ch

btw: if you click on the label "muuto" below, you will be directed to older muuto related posts or pictures on this blog. 

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