friday pieces

i'm afraid this is not the best of pictures but you still get the idea (i took other stones in grey/green colour).

"your order is in production and looking lovely" has been the mantra sent by the supplier everytime we were in touch for the past few month. talk about the carrot stick that is being held in front of the donkey's muzzle...
production complete, payment made and received, proceedings for the shipping agreed upon (honestly: can you believe swiss customs makes the supplier send the findings (metal hook piercing the ear) separately to my home, while the rest is sent to the shop. i will then have to mount the findings and clasps myself, thank you very much!) but now i'm finally in a position to tell you delivery is on it's way!

at times i can foresee the future. for example i just can tell that the minute the earrings arrive i'll hold every single pair of them to my face, look into the mirror and chose a pair for myself, merci beaucoup!

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