new shoes

today i found a french mail-order catalogue in my mailbox with the autumn/winter collections... pffffff....i don't even want to look at it.
i actually try to avoid the whole sales period in town but the other day when i went for lunch with bf i was early and... bought 2 pair of shoes which were not only a bargain but they've already gone in heavy rotation since then.
well... i gathered you would be happy to make an exceptional deal au boudoir as well. so although i don't see my products as seasonal at all i'm offering a few deals over the summer. 
find out about the first one tomorrow.

ps: do you like this rug? fantastic texture under your feet... couldn't agree more with you; but hey, it's sold already: to myself :-)
if you want to see more rugs like this email me at entrez@leboudoir.ch

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