friday pieces

how's your work-morale today? well, friday afternoon... and considering that thousands of kids are being set free for a 5 weeks summer holiday we wish that was us. maybe that's why you're looking at the friday pieces just now?
to change a little from the usual, today i'm showing you a pair of earrings that you WILL NOT be able to buy for the good reason that i didn't order it.
i mean, we're fond of a smouldering good look, but this might just set off the smoke detectors. who would buy this pair with the incredibly real looking pierced orchid on dusty universit√§tstrasse in zurich? exactement, not you, not me! i'd say the distance to the next tropical beach is just one step too far...  
i am confident that next friday i can tell you that the earrings are on their way. meantime, for this week i leave you with the words of my supplier: sending you tropical breeze and sunshine from Hawaii! (even if i'm not there myself).

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