under influence

lately, on sunny days, i've been going to work with a motor scooter, parking right next to this signpost at the backside of the shop. maybe i shouldn't have.

is it the vicinity of this "Schlaflabor" that made me miss out on one of the year's most interesting jewellery shows (as far as i'm concerned)? usually this show took place in september but now unknown by me it's been rescheduled to beginning of july.... last week-end that was. disaster!

there WERE some mails in my inbox with invitations but my only thought was: hell, they are doing this very early this year. only very few days before the date did it dawn on me that the show would not take place in september anymore. all week-end i was off my rocker not knowing if to take a concorde to paris but in the end for various reasons didn't.

you know how much i love to buy and sell jewellery. yet i wonder if beneath this missed opportunity there's a freudian slip on my behalf. the ones following this blog know that i'm looking for some change with regard to the future of the shop. i'm fed up with working on my own (done that for the last 8.5 years) yet there's not enough to earn a living for two. dilemma. so i have NO IDEA what to do but i really feel and hope some change is on foot. 

meanwhile i'm bummed to have missed out on the new jewellery collections. i will have to make up for it best as i can.



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