{not} right on time

as on most sundays i had a lovely walk in the woods of my hometown. call it nostalgia - what i especially like about this spot is that it looks just like it did in the seventies (good old times) that farmhouse with the messy barn, no new houses and no busy road in sight. bless!
now i'm the first to rant when i see a vast squadron of easter chocolate bunnies in the supermarket as early as mid february. isn't now the time for carnival fritters? but then what did i do? no, not buy an easter bunny, but...
it has to hit you as comical when you enter zara now and see ladies dressed like eskimos with dripping noses flock around rail upon rail of bright pastel clothes, dainty dresses, silk tops and shorts with flower prints (well hot pants, considering the shortness of them). and what did i do? i bought the lightest of tops (and short-sleeved at that).
so i bought what i will be wearing on a hot day in 6 months when i will be picking the heavy jumper that i should be wearing now. so there you are.



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