essentials of a handbag

what's in your handbag? quite an interesting question that is...

whatever it might be, there are little items you don't want to have freely fly around in your bag or else they will get dirty, cause embarrassement, tangle or can get lost. plus i for one am so fed up with digging in my handbag not finding the pen i'm looking for... i find i really benefit from some law and order.

marie has been busy with the sewing machine and has brought me new pouches, most of them as shown here with zippers and a size ideal to store your essentials: pen, make-up, lip balm, usb stick, comb or a portable phone... in you go!

pouches now available in three different liberty fabrics, the one shown here being the new. have you seen the lovely lining? labour of love i say. a pouch this size costs 36.- for more sizes click on the label purses and pouches below.

if you live in Beijing or Berlin and want to get one of these enquire here:



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