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friends, i'm working on the computer without a mouse today (so irritating, i'm not getting anywhere!) and i forgot the cable to link my
phone to the computer... so i cannot show you a picture of my new shop window. yes, i finally changed it this week-end and i like the result!

i know that i should change shop window displays regularly but (aside from having a hundred other fishes to fry) i always find it difficult to let go of a display that i liked and so usually they're left to stay for a really long while.

now it's good-bye for the muuto ash stacked system and it's hello to a simple wood shelf mid-high on which i have put vases in shades of green, white and transparent glass and a few other objects. let's say it's my favorite mix of the moment: wood, glass & ceramic. with a paper garland thrown in.

of course it's my very intention to sell what is on display, but i almost regret that the special freeblown vase (cf post entry jan 27) has already flown off the shop window this afternoon!

tomorrow i'll be back with a picture (albeit a bad one i'm afraid) i took on sunday WITH the green vase.

en attendant, here a few pictures of beautiful ceramic. not new to the shop but i have just put in a rather big order which i expect to get in around 5-6 weeks from now.



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