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yesterday i got mail from majken: "any plans for sales in the coming months before your closure? then we will come and clean your store :-)"

the answer is: hell, yes, i need a clearance sale, everything has to go + there are only 70 days left! (panic)

the fact that the last days of the boudoir coincide with the busy christmas season doesn't make it easier to plan and organise (my  weak point anyway as you know).

to make it easier (starting soon): sales on instagram


please note that for now it's only a trial with pics from this blog. but shortly you will be able to view items on sale, including the prices.

if you push the follow button you should be informed of any new item that is put on sale. for those not able to just pop in the store etc you can notify me by mail if you wish to purchase a particular item.

let's see how this works out...



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Merci pour l'info, je viens de m'abonner sur IG...moi aussi dans les starting-blocks pour venir vous aider à vider la boutique !

11:43 am  
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