back from paris

i'm back and i can say that i have hugely enjoyed myself this time! even though i was off to a bad start... i was supposed to sleep in a friends little flat at quai de bourbon but that night ended up in a seedy hotel rue des mauvais garçons (literally), because the key wouldn't open the bloody door! yes, it was the right door and the right key, but the door was blocked.

bah, as i said, the rest of paris was very good. there will be news from the hawaïian jewellery, from éloise, the new collection of the wonderful handknitted alpaca scarves (in autumn) and, and this is my highlight: from july i will get a selection of the berlin label sabrina dehoff. quite prunk, i know! i have squinted at this label for a long time now and always told myself off (for being too expensive for the universitätstrasse) but this time have caved in. i hope you will prove me right. otherwise i will have to keep the stuff all to myself (snif).

above 2 pics via sabrina dehoff.

and yes, i have to come clean and say that i was also rather successful to buy clothes for myself :-) it's spring in the shops!


Blogger Mariana said...

Aaaah Rue Jacob! Jakob und ich haben vor Kurzem mal bei Dir vorbeigeschaut, da warst Du aber gerade en route. A bientôt!

5:02 pm  

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