i usually avoid mentioning the x-word before december but for some of you november means it's advent calendar confection time!

of course i will come up with ideas for you because 24 little presents, that's an awful lot...

but first of all, let's speak of paper. because if you take the trouble time to do an advent calendar you may as well go the extra mile to make it look wonderful!

unfortunately i cannot resist a beautiful wrapping paper and so i "did it again" ... i bought new paper although i already have lots!

1) the pretty paper with small prints in many colours (good to have on stock all year round for any occasion)

2) the graphic paper in black & white (manfriendly!)

3) the tie-dye coloured paper (modern)

4) the handmade gold on black paper (very festive)

the last above entry is the newcomer :-) see below.

as my friend adi says: it's gorgeous!

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