point of no return

folks, i'm scarred of the project! (cf blog entry 10.10.13)

the carpenter was here last week to have a propper look at the wall (all but even, the traitor!), draw lines and make a test drill. now he called to say that the new walldisplay is ready and can be mounted on monday.

the shelf will sit in the first room and take up practically all the wall opposite the entry. yes, my beloved yellow wall! the one you see from outside and that looks so inviting when it's dark outside.

to pick this colour was one of my first decisions when i fit out the shop in the beginning and it was one i was very happy about for all these years. i hope there will be enough yellow remaining around the borders...

so monday the walldisplay will go up and i can only hope that i'm not disfiguring the room.

maybe it will look real good!?



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