room for improvement

it's been a long time since i last ventured on a "project" for the shop! 3 years to be precise. the completion of a project fills you with joy but it really calms you down for a while...

the thing with projects is, apart from the hassle, that they come at a certain price (read: i need a money printing press) and it's a risk, because it's not easy to envision the result.

for several months i have been thinking of a walldisplay made to my exact measurements (believe me, each cm is painstakingly negotiated (between me and me) and as i'm fast approaching 10 years of le boudoir (really! let's have a party!) i have just decided that i will give it a go.

will this walldisplay pay itself off? rather, i'll have to plainly deduct the cost from my poor salary...

ps: if you want to see my last project cf blog entry 21.10.2010 (archive on the right side). 



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