equations of humidity

this grey weather is triste enough, but the humidity, not to speak of the fine drizzle = bad hair days in a row for frizzy hair like mine = effective undermining of the morale of the troops.

so this morning i thought: a beanie is on order! fortunately i have provided for that (cf post entry 13.3.13)and so i got to pick one in the shop, very convenient, i know ;-) 

the new beanies come in navy blue, grey and mustard and are 100% alpaca. pics to follow soon (maybe).

its very random to take selfpictures and regrettably the maximum distance is the outstretched arm (your hand both holding the i-phone and triggering the picture) so well, the result...(ceramics are much more interesting anyway!!!).

so i thought i'd post this picture of a magazine. 


now that's the way to wear it!

to sum it up, the beauty of the beanie is: 
*it's anti-humidity (both hiding and preventing = genious)
*it's anti-cold
*it's fashion (provided you have the right hair/cut)



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