the punk in me (how unlikely is that?)

ahem... i must admit i have been a bit lazy this week! i'm staying with my grandmother in south of france and the environment is not exactly work-inducing.
i should totally put my mind on autumn/winter and how to fill my shelves for the coming months... but my brain plainly refuses to go back to work.
i fear my brain has turned into a punk screaming: no future!
so here is a message to my brain: hello, we're not in 1984 punk anymore (refusal!rebellion!), punk 2.0 is only about stealing their edgy paraphernalia. in a more beautiful 2013 version, mind you (safety pins pearcing the ear, no thank you).  
so even terribly well-behaved girls like us can wear punky jewellery like those earrings and have fun with it. because honestly... would you wear those earrings for a job interview? to be presented first time to your mother-in-law? he, he, thought so!
reminder: i'm away until next week but the shop is open thanks to alexandra!  



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