en route

friends, there is no 2 ways about it: the last two weeks in the shop have been... boring! universtitätstrasse feels like a desert at that time of the year: school holidays, semester break at university/eth and throw in hot temperatures...ok, i never run out of work (yet this is a permanent = normal state of things here) but to see so little life is demoralizing the troops!

i hope i have made a good enough excuse because of course i have already thought of the logic remedy: to close doors until the end of the school holiday! 

so here we go: please note that the shop will be closed next week from august 6 to august 17. we'll see if alexandra will open shop doors here and there. of course i will keep you posted about this eventuality.

have a good time!!

pic of a danish magazine... i wish i could kick out the inhabitants and live there!  

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