the mystery door

maybe over the years you've noticed my anxiety with keeping THAT door closed at all times or sneaking in and out furtively... it's because i'd have to instantly faint of shame if you ever saw the frightful mess! 

this week-end i was on a special mission to clear up /clean up the kitchen where i store an astounding amount of things by comparison with the little space there is (between you and me: it is a wonderous thing i manage to find the looked for article most of the time, but not always...). all this - as you rightly imagine - not because of a heroic decision of mine, no, because of a control of the gas appliances. what, a stranger in my kitchen? a vision of horror to me.

so this morning he came, spent 5 minutes in my kitchen and off he went. done. considered that i spent many hours on the job i wish he'd stayed for longer! even though i have to pay for it. still, i'm very satisfied (wow, i can actually walk into the room, hey, i could even cook...) and am now considering to have an "open doors day" in the shop - believe me this is a onetime opportunity 'cause this won't last!
writing this i'm drinking a cup of ceylon tea: isn't that all very civilised?



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