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what did you do on easter?

although we spent two days away in ticino i had brought home computer and piles of paperwork, which turned out to be pointless, since i didn't even touch the files. but instead bf and i did this: we re-did a corner of our living room!

we moved into our flat nearly 10 years ago and always felt very lucky to have gotten it even if it meant to move to the outskirts of zurich. bye-bye nightlife. and bye-bye bicycle.

we more or less kept the flat as is was for all those years (enough of shifting in the shop already) but since last winter we really longed for a table. i mean a real table. the one in the kitchen can only really sit two persons and the others are low tables or a long slim office table.

unplanned as it was this week-end we did it: move out the long slim office table and replace it by a square walnut table i had bought secondhand (for a mere 200.- a good buy, it was first meant for room #4 of the shop) a couple of years ago and that was sleeping in the cellar. it was only meant as a test to see if we had enough room for a table there but then we decided to keep it just the way it had almost accidently turned out. no need to buy a new table and actually the chairs (found on the sidewalk many years ago) will do too. a make-over that didn't cost us a penny.

we had to make a clean sweep of some stuff and i know it will be difficult to keep it from coming back, but cross my heart, i'll do my best!

it's always fun to see before and after photos, don't you think? since i didn't expect that we'd change the setting of the room there and then i didn't take any picture right before the change, but i found an old picture that will do the job.

ps: do you spot the vase on the table? that has a special meaning to me and why i will tell you shortly. but tomorrow i'll first be back with yum-yum jewellery news!



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