what else?

it's officially grumpy week as after all the festivities and the pigging-out everyone is detoxing and well... it's back to normal.

so yes, it's back to work but with the sun out today january doesn't feel as bleak as yesterday and grumpyness subsided :-)

so what's up with le boudoir in 2012?

because aside from everyday business there needs to be change (in the form of improvement obviously)! last year i opened room #4, this year:

  • i'm going to look into new fields like textiles, texture in natural materials (nothing in the pipeline yet, so let's wait to see)
  • i'm going to clock in even more time and research to source small manufacturers. possibly have boudoir exclusive products (like the Marie pour le boudoir pouches)
  • my homepage should get a serious lift! the obvious will be to merge blog and homepage. it would be great to work together with someone on that project.
  • and there is this debatable question: should i think of an internet shop? what's your opinion on that?
  • i'd love to have experienced professionals to improve lighting in the shop (but especially for room #1 and #4) before next october, but this is a real investment and i don't want to make mistakes, so not sure i will make the jump just yet.
  • businesswise i have been quite on my own for the past 8 years and so in a general way i would like to exchange more with people, be they from the trade, craftsmen, creatifs of all sorts... and of course with you readers, your input is very welcome!

more than enough on my plate then, but first of all (same procedure as every year) a more mundane job: i need to catch up with last year's leftover paperwork. olé!



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