horse, intrepid rider or seagull... what are you going to be in 2012?

first day of 2012 folks...

have you lazy lot given up on new year's resolutions yet?

i for one haven't. on my last forest walk i was musing on this important topic but even after a week of recovery from intense weeks at the shop and christmas festivities my brain was refusing to get back to work. all i heard ring in my head was: "mais qu'est-ce que ça pense dans cette petite tête?" sentence my father used to say to me as child (not expecting much of an answer).

oh well... maybe no lofty new year resolutions this year, but for the one of taking a self-defence course (since i have been droning on about it for weeks, secretly hoping that bf would research and find a tailor-made course just for me...) and what is the chance i'm actually going to take such a self-defence course? hmm, in all honesty i'd say 30:70.



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