***fresh from the press***

folks, i haven't checked if this is an astrologically correct time to tell you, but let's go about this deed without much further ado: i have decided that i will be closing the store at the end of the year.


how to explain the end of a love affair? (for a true love t'was for me and i believe the shop loved me back. maybe a little less than me, but as it is, now - after (soon) 11 years of loyal service, it's me leaving, ha).

the truth is: i feel the call for a new adventure. 

there is nothing to feel smug about, in actual fact it's all quite foggy where this call is leading me. i'm just following. it turned out i wasn't capable of devising a master plan for a smooth transition.

all i know is that i'm looking for more mobility. and i'd love to work in a team.

so wish me luck :-)

ps: don't be sad for the store, because as my friend stefan from Toronto told me: imagine a starbucks will take its place.

i must say i'm rather curious to see who will follow up. if you're interested to rent this homely place let me know, i'm on good terms with the landlord.  

pps: and no, this will not be the last post of this blog. i still have plenty of wonderful things to sell to you!

ppps: if you have a valid voucher for the store: get here quick to use it while you can!

pppps: if you happen to have a wonderful job proposition to make to me: i might be interested! =totally open (repeat: a wonderful, not crap proposition).

and now let's get busy because there will be an awful lot to do until the end of the year...



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